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Beat the Dreaded Runner's Syndrome!

The team at Elite Nutrition and Performance was inspired to create this workshop to help Columbia's endurance athletes conquer the dreaded Runner's Syndrome: stiffness, lack of mobility, low power, and dead legs. At this workshop, we will take you through a series of functional movements that will alleviate all of the above as well as lower your risk for stress fractures, joint problems, and other running-related injuries. We will get you running smoother, faster, stronger, and longer! Be prepared to break a sweat and learn how to MAXIMIZE YOUR RUNNING PERFORMANCE! 

This will go beyond your typical workshop!
how to incorporate 3D movements in your training regimen for:
-muscular development
-neuromuscular control
-power and flexibility

The workshop is now VIRTUAL!! Download TODAY to watch anytime, anywhere. Cost is $10 per person.


Two Stretches to Keep Your Pelvis In Line

Running on uneven surfaces can get your pelvis out of whack. Perform these two stretches after running to keep your pelvis in line and your legs moving smoothly. 

Why Does Functional Training Matter for a Runner?

"When I first started running, my only focus was pounding the pavement for miles and miles.  I thought that the longer I ran, the faster I would be.  However, I continued to get tighter and tighter as the months went on and I began to experience quite a bit of joint pain, shin splints, sciatica, and intolerable soreness.  I was unable to lift my leg more than a few inches off the ground because my hips and hamstrings were so tight.  Not to mention, side-to-side movements were next to impossible.  

In my first year as a Division One athlete at the University of South Carolina, I ended up straining my piriformis and was unable to finish my cross country season.  As I soon learned, this strain was largely due to a strength imbalance in which my back was much weaker than my abdominal muscles.  After my rehab, I began engaging in weight training that focused on functional movements that increased my mobility and targeted those tiny muscles that us runners tend to overlook.  I wasn't benching maximal weight or deadlifting 300 pounds, I was performing a highly unique workout routine that strengthened my joints, decreased my risk of injury, and smoothed out my stride."

Within a few months, my 5K time dropped from an 18:41 to a 17:33, a time that qualified me for a national track meet in Eugene, Oregon.  Naturally, this was a dream come true--I do not owe it to an increase in mileage or training intensity, but solely to my increased attention to what most runners tend to overlook: strength and mobility.  If you are a runner who wants to run happy, I highly recommend incorporating functional strength training into your routine.  You will be happy with the outcome."

~Hannah Giangaspro
University of South Carolina Cross Country and Track & Field Athlete
USC Top-Ten Record Holder in the 5K and 10K
7th place finisher at Junior National Track Meet in Eugene, Oregon

Learn a little more about your presenters..

Jesa Culy

Jesa is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer who obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. During her time there she played basketball for all 4 years as shooting guard. After graduation, Jesa spent four years working as an Exercise Specialist in a Physical Therapy clinic in Louisville, KY. She also ran the sports performance training programs for youth and adult athletes through the clinic. Since then, Jesa has worked with a variety of clients as a personal trainer in the one-on-one setting. 

Hannah Giangaspro

Hannah is a senior at the University of South Carolina studying Exercise Science.  In addition to being a student, she also runs both cross country and track for the university.  After graduation, Hannah plans to complete graduate work in Nutrition with hope of fulfilling her dream of becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.